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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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♪ right now at 6:00 perfect day for a ballgame. skyfox over citizens bank park today for a moment anxiously anticipateed spring itself of course we're talking about opening day. expectations might not be that high for the hometown team this season but that has not stopped fans from getting extremely excited. i'm iain page. >> i'm timmeney. we have live team cover frap from the bank tonight much bruce gore has been hanging out with phillies fans. let's begin with chief meteorologist scott williams and talk about a perfect fantastic day for opening day. the weather has been spectacular. good evening dawn and iain. it is definitely a 10 the sun was out temperatures were in the low 70s and really we saw a lot of sunshine unfortunately not so good for the phils home opener as far as the score but some of the fans have already begun to exit citizens bank park. but they're optimistic because you know this is considered to
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be a rebuilding year. howard had talk much more about that coming up in sports. but let's talk about this beautiful weather for this year's home opener compared to last year's home open and opener when it was postponed a day because of clouds and rain. not so much this year. sol out crowd. current conditions right now are in the upper 60s low 70s for philadelphia. area wide as we look at those temperatures still pretty comfortable. above average temperatures for a change. upper 60s and low 70s it is a little breezy those winds have been out of the south anywhere from 15 to about 20 miles an hour and if you're stepping outdoors later on this evening it's going stay pretty mild and comfortable cloud cover however, will start to roll in and, yes rainfall will be back in that forecast i'll have all of that coming up. right now i'll toss to my colleague bruce gordon. bruce, i know you're a big baseball fan. you have more on the sites and sounds of today. >> reporter: yes scott what do you expert when you combine
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beautiful spring weather with the return of major. you get opening day. long time philly tradition that brings together fans family and friends. baseball is a way of life. for lots of opening day the ballgame itself is almost an after thought much this is a sports themed party. and everyone is invited. to eat drink and be merry. >> great time to be out here and have some family time. >> take off from work. opening day. good time. >> reporter: biggest change this year before come before the game much major league baseball has ordered tight tendon security that means metal detectors at every entrance it's minor delay for early birds but major log jam as the game time approaches. lots of folks miss the opening pitch on this day while standing in line but we heard few complaints. >> makes me feel safer. >> you like it. >> yeah. i think it's great. we have to do it everywhere
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else. why not here? >> phils average fewer than 30,000 fans per game at citizens bank park aft year. a big drop off from their heyday. things could get worse this season. which may explain why we saw so many red sox fans strutting around. seemingly unaware of the verbal abuse that lay ahead. >> i've been to the bronx. >> phillies! >> i've been to the bronx on opening day against the red sox. >> if you can survive that, survive this. >> bite dog days of summer this phils club would be in last place well on its way to its first 100 loss season in more than 50's years. spring at a time for optimism. 162 games lie ahead all things are possible. >> renewal avenue new season. the excitement of a new baseball year. hoping to see something special but i just love baseball. the phillies are going to put that love to the test this year. i have a feeling. opening day starter cole hamels the only thing resembling an ice on this phillies row teague
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knock out of five innings. homerun ball his undoing. phils down big in the ninth inning fans have been streaming out for quite awhile now since about the seventh. it could be a long and ugly season. dawn? >> all right. thank you bruce. you can find complete phillies coverage all season long at just click on the sports tab. a shoot tag party in south jersey leaves one man dead and two teenaged girls injured. it happened around allege 30:00 last last night in the parking lot on kresson boulevard in haddon township. 18-year-old bright was shot several times and died at cooper university hospital. a 17-year-old girl is in stable condition with a gunshot wound and a 16-year-old girl was treated for a graze wound. police are still looking for the gunman. traffic headaches this morning on i-76 in kibble king of prussia a tractor trailer crashed and ended up on its side. another car was also involved. one person was taken to the hospital. no word on their condition and as you can imagine traffic was
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tied up as the accident scene was cleared. traffic is again moving tonight. new video tonight of that philadelphia police want to you see. take a look. investigators say this is the van that was used to kidnap a woman in center city philadelphia. police say three men pulled her into this burgundy van beat her, tased and robbed her before they finally let her go. that woman is recovering tonight tonight. police say the attackers are still on the loose. detectives back at the scene in center city today where that woman was thrown into the van and that's where we find fox 29's dave kinchen with an update for us. dave? >> dawn, a source tells us that the van in question was spotted here in jewelers row several times over the last month. this as police try to fine the three men who terrorized the victim and this part of center city. it begins with a 53-year-old woman's routine walk into the garage at 7:33 chestnut in center city saturday afternoon. >> everybody knows her.
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just like everybody is like grandmom or older aunt or whatever of the street. >> reporter: that community matriarch was viciously hauled away from an older model burgundy ford econo line matching the one in this surveillance video with white graffiti on the side. police say she was tortured during an hour long ride. >> they must learned her patterns. they must have known everything. >> the van pulls in after 1:00 p.m. and waits. hours later the woman leaves her job at national watch and diamond he can change on south eighth street when she's jumped by three masked men approaching her car. they shoved her in the van and take off. >> it's a shame. like very scared by what happened you know. it's something that you fear all the time. obviously being in this business or whatever. >> reporter: police say the crooks through a hood over her head then punched, kicked and choke her. sources say she was even tased seven times. the bad guys demanded the keys to her job and codes to the safe. but she did not know the numbers numbers. >> very devastating really, very devastating. >> reporter: she was dumb at
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his cemetery in darby township. the attackers came back, placeed steal shackles on her legs and drove her to several a to m they entered her opinion number and swiped her cash. >> definitely i do feel unsafe and, you know, i'm just trying to watch my back. that's the best i can do. >> reporter: crooks dropped her back off at the cemetery where she got helped. deeks looked for more surveillance video near the scene and her boss posted a letter thanking the public for its concern. >> i pray for the family and i hope everything will be okay for her. >> the victim is still being treated for her injuries. police tell us the thieves got away with the victim's cell phone, her credit cards her id and her keys to the job and her house as well. dawn? >> pretty scary stuff. thank you dave. >> absolutelily it is. >> 30 days of mourning for a fallen philadelphia police officer sergeant robert wilson coming to an end with emotional ceremony this morning. sergeant wilson was kill last month while trying to stop at a
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robbie at a philadelphia game stop in north philadelphia. officials say wilson drew fire away from innocent bystanders inside the store. today mayor nutter giving his sister the american flag which flew over the city during the official mourning period. commissioner charles ramsay talking about what an able credible month this has been. >> i struggle a lot when it comes to trying to understand i admit i struggle with my faith and i'm -- i'm a believer, a spiritual person and but i struggle because some of the stuff just doesn't make sense to me. >> wilson's 10-year-old son was in school didn't not attend the ceremony this morning. philadelphia police have charged a man they say fired a gun inside a crowded rec center. 26-year-old maurice tavaras turned himself in to police this afternoon. police say he's the coach of a 17 and under basketball team and during a game saturday afternoon
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inside the christie rec center in southwest philly police say at a rashes have got into an altercation with a spectator. that's when cops say tavaras pulled out a gun and fired a shot. an attorney for the man says his client was acting in self defense. >> we believe he was clearly directing that shot at the coach he was arguing with. what agitated him to that point clear system wrong behavior and wrong display in front of these kids who actually out here doing the right thing trying to keep their time occupied and learning how to play sports and team efforts and values and morals. unfortunately the coach steps way over that line. >> he didn't reaction this way because they were losing the game. row he react this way because 15 to 20 people were approaching him some of them had their hands inside their hoodiess? cheering as if they had a firearm. othersothers were calling his name cursing at him telling them this was going to be it. he was basically going get beat. >> tavaras is charged with aggravated assault and endangerment.
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a two-year-old boy is found walk around a dover neighborhood all alone this morning. homeowner found little keegan on colony drive about 8:00 o'clock. the neighbor asked a crew working on the roof of a nearby home if she knew the child or knew where he live. they did not. but they tried to figure it out. when they couldn't, they called police. he was with us for a good 20, their minutes and he was just -- he was a great little kid. he was a good little boy. he didn't know which way he was going. i asked him which way he was going he said i don't know. >> officers put the child's picture on social media about an hour later they found his dad. the child went outside while his dad was sleeping. no charges have been filed. only 10-year-old -- he's only 10-year-old and he started an online campaign turning an awful lot of heads these days. >> coming up we'll introduce to the local when i staning up to bullies. how he's using his story to stop them right in their tracks. >> plus olea bore the papal
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express. the plan in place to make it easier for people to get into the city of philadelphia for the pope's visit this september. howard? that feeling as you heard bruce is always good for opening day for the phillies. but home has not been good in phillies openers. a look at the start of this seas
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♪ it's not just philadelphian making plans for the pope' big vest this september. the archdiocese of harrisburg plans to sell bus tickets to philadelphia for parishioners who wish to see pope francis. they're selling for $30 piece and limiting sales to four tickets per family. a 10-year-old cancer survivor bullied because he is short is standing standing up to his tom meants montgomery county child message is getting a lot of attention on social media. he's letting those bullies know that the very thing that stunted his growth actually saved his life. fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson is here now with a look
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how this courageous 10 year old is makeing those haters think twice. i love this story. >> both you and have iain have relatively young children you know that bullying and name calling is unfortunately pretty common among young people. but the 10-year-old that i met today is facing a unique set of circumstances. he took to social media to explain to people that what they're bullying him about was actually life and death and short is better than dead. 10-year-old dominic has to deal with more in his 10 years of life than most of us have to deal with in an entire lifetime. he's a cancer survivor. who had to go through three years of chemotherapy. so when some of the kids were bullying him for being too short, at some point he'd had enough. >> practically every day someone would either say i'm taller than you or you're short or something like that and just sort of got annoying. >> one of the many side effects of chemo at such a young age that it can stunt your growth. dominic took to instagram with a
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message to his hates. >> to everybody that calls me short, you know i may be short but that's better than being dead. i had cancer and if you haven't found out it's deadly. i like who i am and i'm very lucky to still be living. >> dominic's mom told mow it was hard hearing about what her son was dealing with at school. especially with everything that he was facing medically. >> i posted it on facebook. just as a mom like i can't believe he's got to deal -- i can't believe he's to deal with cancer and fighting foreweigh has and now he has to deal with these kids but i'm proud of him for being such a strong brave little boy. >> in terms of his on going battle with cancer he's doing much better but he hopes that people will think before they bully other children especially when they don't know the challenges they're facing. >> i hope that like kids that are bullied might stand up for themselves an non violent or physical way and just use words. i hope that people -- most
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people would stop calling me shore. >> spending just a little bit of time with him he's such a good kid and dominic's message generated widespread response inn clueing words from phillies quest love of the roots who told him don't let anyone's words keep you from your destiny in life. currently dominic's cancer in in remission so he stood tall against oath cancer and bullying and we'll keep him in our prayers. iain. >> absolutely bill. thank you. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. we finally hit 70 degrees what a better, new york better way to do it than for opening day. let's join scott william out of the at the bank. scott? >> what we at, 72, for the high, scott? >> 73 degrees. >> 73! >> the best day so far this year dawn and iain and the phillies home opener take a look at the fans behind me. despite the phillies loss, they are optimistic and excited about this year's season. just really enjoying the weather as we talk a little bit about what's happening right now. temperature wise, you can see we are in the low 70s for the
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philadelphia area. but as we look at temperatures area wide, we're still pretty mild in the low 70s. so beautiful weather across our area as far as those winds they've been out of the south anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour. making it feel pretty comfortable with low humidity. ultimate doppler does show a system off to the north. that is a stalled boundary that will sag to our south in the next several days bringing us clouds and chances for rainfall as far how thing play out tomorrow we're looking at clouds/showers around. it's not going to be a wash out. just grab the umbrella and keep it handy. we'll probably see a quarter of an inch to half an inch of rainfall before all is said and done. let's get to the seven day forecast. and show you those temperatures changes to expect over the next several days. tomorrow we're looking at those high temperatures generally in the upper 60s. but you can see we turn colder again high temperatures for wednesday and thursday only in
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the upper 40s to right around 50 degrees with clouds as well as some scattered showers. then as we move toward the latter part of the week, we start to warm things back up again just in time for the up coming weekend but it does look like temperatures will hold steady in the mid 60s as we move to the upcoming weekend. so once again home opener in the books. unfortunately, the phillies lost but of course howard will talk much more about this rebuilding year. guys live from citizens bank park back to you. >> all right. you got the good assignment today, scott. >> thanks. >> exactly. >> speaking of howard eskin he will be coming with a look what the phillies will do this season and days hole hamels is on the mound. everything was in place for the phils to get everything off to a good start but something happened on the way. >> not good! >> not goods! >> here he is right
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♪ the start of baseball season always gives people a good feel that summer is on the way. 70-degree temps made it nice. it was opening day for those phillies. it was all good until the first inning. the phillies best chances to win this season are when cole hamels is on the mount. so the start was all set in place until the second batter of the game. let's go to citizens bank park. cole hamels against dustin and
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the second batter of the game hits a homerun against cole hamels so it's one to nothing. he was not sharp today. shane victorino back with the red sox and how about this. the fans rather than boo everybody that walks into town that used to play here they gave shane victorino a standing ovation. a little carried away but a standing o. all right. in the third inning, muke bets. that muke bets hits a homerun against hamels and it's now two to nothing in the third. phillies still without a hit against clay buchholz. ben revere the best chance so far. good play. still no hits but fourth inning, ryan howard who is one for four on the day. and this is the only hit the phillies only had three hits in the game. this is the first hit in the fourth inning against clay buchholz. but then we go to the fifth inning against cole hamels and that's all he lasted was five full innings. dustin again. two homeruns in this inning. ramirez hit one.
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cole hamels five innings 100 pitches and ninth inning jake diekman i don't think is a very good pitcher maybe that's just me bases loaded, grand slam rah myhr raise hess second homerun of the game. eight to nothing. till phillies lost five of their last six home openers. what was the problem with hamels to star the season? >> well nice day for opening day day. terrific crowd and all the festivities and you know we couldn't carry that over into the game. cole didn't get away with any high fast balls. his command was not sharp at all all, and resulted in the homerun homeruns. >> sure did. his command was terrible. all right. yankees a road for the first time in a year he was one for two. we're only running highlights because people ask about him. i can't -- i mean i can't fathom the guy still playing baseball but a-rod was one for two with
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that single and but the yankees lose today toronto. phillies bev chance of winning is when cole hamels is on the mound. so every fifth day. >> you don't win on the first one. >> the fact they only get three hits and they get shut out it's not a good sign. but we know what's coming but you want to see hamels do well he has to do well for them to trade him. >> exactly. be able to get something. >> not a good start. >> no. >> playing the red sox was not a break for them in the schedule. they then got washington coming up like seven times in this month. >> wow. >> all right. howard, thanks. >> we'll hear from cole hamels tonight at 10:00. >> tune in for fox 29 news at 10:00 filing for divorce on facebook. one judge gave the okay while you can take a closer look at those facebook messages tonight at 10:00. that's that does it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. we'll see you back here at 10:00. we'll leave you with a live look at citizens bank park.
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driven to death by mockery? >> you look fantastic. >> the dermatologist to the stars. he treated famous celebrities, but did this new tv comedy drive him over the edge? >> he just took it very personally. then, poisoned in paradise. how this family ended up fighting for their lives on vacation. and what happened to supermodel christie brinkley? how did she get that black eye? plus, the college basketball coach fired. wait until you see what he did in this bar. and new questions about the man lost at sea for 66 days. >> deborah: his story coming under scrutiny. >> i've seen people look worse after a vacation at di


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